Playing the Pennywhistle

July 7, 2007

In a previous article I described why I personally chose to learn the pennywhistle, and listed a number of resources that I used to select my whistle and that I am currently using to guide my initial study of the instrument. At the end of that article, I mentioned that the process of learning to play had revealed a number of surprises both about Pennywhistles themselves, and about the experience of learning to play an instrument.

This time around, I’ll cover the surprising technical aspects of the pennywhistle, and in an upcoming article, I’ll explain those experiential aspects of learning to play that have been (mostly pleasant) surprises.

If you’re an experienced whistler this will all be “old hat”, but if — like me — you’re just starting out, or you’re contemplating picking up the pennywhistle (a choice I’d highly recommend – it’s a whole lot of fun), perhaps you can avoid some of the problems described below, or find a better understanding as to why your whistle does what it does.

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Picking up the Pennywhistle

June 24, 2007

I really regretted not playing an instrument. Now I suspect my neighbors regret that I do 😀
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