Entires about about my family, my friends, me, my current views, rants, reactions, and day-to-day happenings in my life.

Probably of limited interest to people who are not family or friends, or who aren’t deeply interested in me as a person.

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June, 2007

  • 24th, Picking up the Pennywhistle: I’ve not played an instrument in a good many years, and I kind of miss having some sort of artistic outlet (not that I’m the world’s most artistic guy, or anything). My decision was to finally select to learn to play the pennywhistle.
  • 25th, Rental Chaos Just when you thought Murphy’s Law was just something that was invented by cynical people. My adventures in housing codes, rental agreements, and potential brush with homelessness.
  • 30th, Why Tattoos? While I don’t (yet) have any, tattoos have appealed to me for a long time. I finally realized why, and found the reason more revealing than I’m strictly comfortable with.

January, 2007

  • 3rd, Home Again.: Back from the holidays, and I arrived in one piece.

December, 2006

  • 9th, Struggling with style: Some reflections on my personal way of viewing things, my way of thinking, and why it seems be difficult to translate between the paradigm I think in, and the paradigm of the written word/blog.
  • 11th, Name changes: passive v.s. active: While supposedly about why the name of the blog changed from Memetic Selection to Memetic Syns, this article also goes onto explore ideas about personal memetics, and self-determination.
  • 12th, The razor edge of self-determination: trying not to be an asshole: Some reflections on the dangers of letting self-determination fall into paranoid antisocial isolationism (being a “asshole”), and how to balance being self-determined and open to external ideas.
  • 13th, Exercising personal power: Some thoughts on the limits and proper expression of power, leadership, vision, and control, not only over ourselves, but on those around us, with some reflection on personal failures in these departments, and what their causes were.
  • 31st, I’m still around: No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, just spending Christmas holidays with family.

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